Have a Child When You Are Ready with Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX

Nearly every woman dreams of having a family, including children, one day. However, some women have a hard time with giving up a career or meeting the right person to start their family. If this happens to pertain to you there are options out there that can help you have a child when you are ready. One of those options is freezing your eggs. This is a popular option for women who are getting older and have not yet found a partner they are ready to settle down with. Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX gives women the opportunity to preserve their reproductive ability until the time to start their family is right.

Egg freezing can be beneficial for numerous reasons. With fertility being known to decline with age, egg freezing is a good option for those women that are delaying starting a family due to pursuing other personal goals such as education or their career. Freezing your eggs at an early age will give you the best chance to have a future pregnancy. Since your uterus does not age and can carry a pregnancy well into your forties and fifties, freezing your eggs gives you the chance to not be in a rush to have a child. Also, egg freezing gives women that have been diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to have a child of their own. If you are facing this option you should have your eggs frozen before you start any chemotherapy or have surgery.

There are two methods to freezing eggs. The first is vitrification, which uses high concentrates of cryoprotectants and ultra-rapid cooling to prevent ice crystals development inside the cells. The second method is slow freezing. This method of egg freezing uses programmable freezers to gradually reduce egg temperature to minimize ice crystal formation as this can be damaging to the oocye. When you decide you are ready to start your family your eggs are then thawed and fertilized in a lab then implanted in the uterus.

There have been approximately 2,000 babies born from frozen eggs. With that, there has not been a rise of birth defects from having a child from frozen eggs. Given this information, Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX is a safe way to have a child when you are ready. You can Visit the Fertility Institute of Texas to learn more about the benefits of egg freezing.