Have a Doctor Come to You if You Live in Los Angeles and Need Health Care

Sep 20, 21 Have a Doctor Come to You if You Live in Los Angeles and Need Health Care

If you need home doctor service in Los Angeles, know that there’s a group of primary care physicians that make house calls in this area and provide video call service in California. They offer excellent in-home care with the help of modern technology. Their prices are impressively affordable, and Medicare is accepted. Additional information about the services provided follows.

This team of healthcare providers has the equipment to perform mobile ultrasound testing, mobile x-rays, mobile ECGs, and mobile vision screening. They do COVID-19 testing, blood work and urine analysis, and they will come to you to administer a flu, pneumonia, or hepatitis vaccination. If you are at the crossroads of a medical crisis and need help with planning for future healthcare you will be given the help you need. Advance care planning includes making decisions about setting up a “Do Not Resuscitate” order and making decisions about the use of emergency equipment like a ventilator or a feeding tube. You can have a legal document written up that explains what type of medical care you want and do not want in the event you are unable to speak and express your preference when you need treatment.

Call Mobile Physician Associates if you need home doctor service in Los Angeles. Reach them at 310-256-2426. Visit their website if you prefer to get additional information. Though Mobile Physician Associates services the greater Los Angeles area, they are constantly working to expand the area they cover, so contact them to find out if they will come to you.