Health And Wellness Services Extend To Mattress Comfort

Feb 06, 18 Health And Wellness Services Extend To Mattress Comfort

You do not have to buy a new mattress to experience better sleep and an increased level of comfort. You can achieve the same effect by using a contour mattress accessory that turns any mattress (up to 18 inches thick) into an adjustable bed. If you suffer from conditions such as a hiatal hernia, colds, or acid reflux, you may want to see about getting this type of support.

A Higher Level of Comfort

You can find this type of product among health and wellness services products online. It may also be listed among aids for daily living, pain therapy solutions, sleep accessories, or supports. Using this type of mattress upgrade enables you to enjoy a higher level of comfort when you are relaxing in bed.

This innovative support makes it possible for you to depend less on human intervention for health and wellness services and more on yourself. Therefore, you can enjoy more comfort while you are using this product and relaxing.

Easy to Transport

According to health and wellness services professionals, this sleep accessory can be used when a patient is in bed watching television or reading. The accessory is also portable. Therefore, you can transport it when you are on the road.

How to Install the Sleeping Accessory

The hand control on this adjustable support features lighted buttons. Therefore, you can easily operate the sleep aid in the dark. To install the product, move your mattress slightly toward the foot of your bed. The product, known as an air bladder, is then placed on the box spring.

Inflating the Product

Place the mattress on top of the air bladder before you inflate it to the preferred height. You can raise your mattress as much as 39 degrees when you use the product.

An air bladder or mattress accessory of this type usually comes with a one-year warranty. Queen air bladders normally measure 56” long by 16” high by 16” deep. If you feel that you could benefit from this product, you can obtain more information online by visiting a retailer such as Mitchell Home Medical on the web. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.