How a Great General Physician Can Improve Your Health

Feb 23, 16 How a Great General Physician Can Improve Your Health

A general physician is a doctor with no particular specialty or narrow field of expertise. This might seem counterintuitive, but general physicians are incredibly valuable to the medical community, as they are able to diagnose a broad range of common maladies and refer unique or rare cases to experts in the relevant field. It would be utterly impractical for every sick person to only see a specialist when they’re unwell. Imagine having to see a respiratory expert every time you had a cold or a virologist every time you contracted the flu. General physicians do some of the most important work in medicine, which is treating the common maladies of the general population.

Finding the Right GP for You

A great general physician, or GP, will cater to all ages, from the youngest newborns all the way to the frailest of elderly people. The benefit of having your own regular GP is that you receive personalized, friendly treatment from someone who will treat you like a human being instead of another number or insurance policy. They’ll know your medical history as well as your family’s, and work to prevent diseases instead of just treating them. For example, if you have a family history of heart disease, your general physician can help you to make lifestyle choices that will limit the effects that these kinds of congenital disorders can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

With coordinated medical appointments and records, the early detection of disease becomes significantly easier, meaning that your general physician can refer you to a relevant specialist in the event that you require more specialized medical attention.


Arguably the greatest medical discovery in human history is vaccination. By exposing the immune system to an inert form of a virus or bacterium, the body’s natural defenses against pathogen invasion are boosted and made capable of fending off the real thing. We’ve managed to eradicate countless diseases that once ravaged populations around the world thanks to vaccination, which is why you should consult your GP about a vaccination schedule.

This is particularly important if you have young children or work around them, as their immune systems haven’t built up the same strength as adults’. Any general physician worth their medical degree will be able to help you plan your child’s vaccinations to ensure that they’re given the best possible protection against preventable, potentially devastating, disease throughout their childhood and adulthood. You can even go to your GP for immunizations if you will be traveling in areas like Southern Asia or tropical Africa, where mosquito-borne diseases still run rampant. Thanks to your local general physician, you can enjoy not only continued good health for you and your family, but disease-free holidays as well.