How to Determine the Right Infertility Cure

by | Apr 23, 2012 | Heart Disease

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Doctors have found that the incidence of infertility greatly increases with a woman’s advancing age. Egg quality deteriorates as a woman ages. The number of healthy eggs is also limited. Thickness of the endometrial lining and condition of the uterine cavity are also major factors that determine the successful implantation of a fertilized egg. Fertility problems can also arise from many other sources. Male infertility, caused by poor sperm quality and low sperm count, can be another contributing factor.

A couple should undergo a series of tests to determine the source of their problem, before searching for an infertility cure. A couple is considered infertile if they are unable to achieve a successful pregnancy after engaging in regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for 12 months or more. If any one of the partners is aged 40 years or above, the fertility specialist should be consulted if the couple cannot conceive after trying for 3-4 months. A high percentage of women, aged 40 and above, will require medical assistance to get pregnant. When the woman’s age is above 42 years, she may need infertility treatment at the onset, if she wants to have a baby.

The longer a woman delays childbearing, the higher the probability that she can experience problems in conceiving a baby. Medical science does not have the ability to undo the effects of aging on a woman’s fertility.

The reasons why a couple can experience difficulty in conceiving with advancing age are:

  • The number of eggs (ova) the woman has is limited. All her eggs are present at the time of birth. Unlike male sperm that is constantly generated after puberty in males, women cannot replenish the number of eggs.
  • The aged eggs are of poorer quality. Male sperm is generated constantly, and its quality does not diminish with the age of the male.
  • Sperm quality can remain the same, but older males have reduced fertilization potential than younger males.
  • Older males cannot engage in regular intercourse.

The condition of the woman’s uterus and endometrial lining can have a large impact on her ability to conceive. When the endometrial lining is too thick or too thin, she can face problems. According to the problems, doctors recommend an appropriate infertility cure. Before undergoing treatment, a couple would be subject to a number of tests to determine the cause for their problems.

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