How to Find a College Recovery Center

Aug 14, 12 How to Find a College Recovery Center

College recovery centers are modern addiction rehabilitation centers. These facilities function much like many other rehabilitation centers with the exception of their approach. Unlike the traditional rehab centers, these facilities provide those who are admitted with the opportunity of gaining academic qualifications in various areas as they undergo rehabilitation. They are therefore like schools that offer rehabilitation services. They therefore have age limits and admission requirements.

There are several college recovery programs in the US. It is important to ensure that you enroll your teenager in the right facility to improve the chances of success. The first step to finding the right recovery program is to evaluate the severity of the addiction realistically. If your teen has been addicted to drugs for a longer time or is heavily dependent on them, then they will need an intensive residential program. If they are not so dependent, you may opt for a less intensive program or have them in a program that allows them to return home in the evening. However, it is important to have the teen admitted for the detoxification part of the program. Withdrawal symptoms are often very severe and may result in a relapse, which is usually worse than the initial addiction. They will therefore need to be under the care of professionals during this time.

It is important to consider if the treatment will be covered by your insurance. Your insurance providers may have some college recovery programs listed within their network. This will make paying for the drug treatment much easier. However, if this kind of treatment is not covered by your insurance, you must find out if you can afford it. When you make contact with the centers, find out if they have a system for payment that is comfortable for you.

If you or your teen is being treated for other emotional or psychological problems, you can enquire from your doctor about college recovery programs. They may be able to refer you to a program that they know to be effective.

Check online for rehab centers that will offer your child the opportunity to learn and to overcome their addiction. Ensure that the program is licensed before you contact them. Take some time to visit the facility and walk around. Talk to the staff and observe how those in the institution behave or are treated.
Although you may want to choose a rehab center that is close to home, you may have to opt for one that is far away. This will not be a problem for a residential program. However, it is important to establish the requirements of the program regarding communication. Make sure that your teen can talk to you when they need to.