How to Prepare Your Body and Mind Before the Day of Your Surgery

Sep 05, 19 How to Prepare Your Body and Mind Before the Day of Your Surgery

Before any kind of surgery, there are some things that you can do to prepare your mind and your body in order to make the recovery process a bit easier. Consult with your doctor about how the procedure will be performed and why it’s being done. Make sure you have the proper pain medications and the other support needed after surgery so that you can get back to your daily routine as soon as possible.


Try to drink as much water and clear liquids during the days before your surgery as you can. You’ll likely be asked to avoid drinking or eating anything for at least six hours before general surgery in Wyomissing, PA, which means that you need to be as hydrated as possible beforehand. Broths and soups are good options to consider the day before the procedure is scheduled as they tend to be easier on your digestive system.


Learn all you can about the surgery that you’re having done. If you know what kind of anesthesia will be administered or what kind of incision to expect, then you’ll be able to mentally prepare for what you see and feel before and after surgery. Consider the risks that are involved as well as the benefits that the procedure will provide for your overall health.

Where You’ll Recover

If you’re having significant general surgery in Wyomissing, PA, then you might need to stay in the hospital for a day or two before going home. If you live by yourself, then try to find someone who can stay with you for a few days while you heal. Avoid lifting heavy objects, and make sure you have all of your medications and other items that you need for your recovery with you whether you’re at home or in a nursing facility for a short time.

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