IACET, ANSI And The Standards For Mental Health CEU.

Apr 18, 14 IACET, ANSI And The Standards For Mental Health CEU.

bfisummit.com logoAs in any medical field, the field of mental health requires its professionals to pursue further training once they have their basic degree. These professionals must attend seminars, take classes, and pursue advanced degrees in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep their certifications in many states. However, in order to obtain the right credit for the courses a mental health CEU (continuing education unit) must meet certain standards.

Establishing the Standards

Schools do not set their own benchmark for a mental health CEU or for any other professional CEU. The criterion is governed by an international body and enforced by a local one. These two organizations are the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). IACET began to set guidelines for education and training in 1968.

In the following years, IACET began to institute a system of regulating CEU programs. This included drawing up specific standards and creating criteria and guidelines for institutions to apply to their XEU programs. In 1991, the organization established the Authorized Provider program. It officially recognizes specific organizations who meet and even exceeds the set elements of the ANSI/IACET Standard.

The Role of the American National Standards Institute

In the United States, the official body to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Since 1947, the ISO has provided a united front for organizations of standard setting bodies worldwide. Through their actions concerning CEUs, the ANSI helps to make certain individuals who use need the proper education receive it.

What Does IACET Do?

IACET’s role is to make sure organizations and individuals are aware of the existing standards. IACET also helps organizations, who want to be accredited for their mental health CEU programs and other forms of training, instruct and oversee CEU programs. IACET works diligently to ensure the CEUs are able to meet the necessary requirements for professionals. If successful, the school will receive an approved provider (AP) status.

Mental Health CEU – Professionals Requirements

Mental health CEU programs have behind them the intent of meeting the basic requirement for their profession. A mental health professional needs to earn a particular number of CEUs every year. This ensures the state and other governing bodies that the professional is current in his or her knowledge of the field. A certificate acts as proof of the completion of the CEU.

If you are a professional in need of a mental health CEU, go online and check the various courses being offered. Before you make a decision, make sure the school is AP approved. Be forewarned that many schools can offer CEUs, but if the designation AP is lacking, the educational facility is not truly committed to the quality standards exemplified by the IACET AP.