Making the Decision to Undergo Eyelid Surgery

May 20, 19 Making the Decision to Undergo Eyelid Surgery

The idea of undergoing surgery on your eyelids might at first seem to be overwhelming or frightening. After all, you may not like the idea of having someone cut into your eyelids. What will the end results be, and how painful will the surgery be itself? To get answers to these questions, you may first want to consult with your cosmetic eye surgeon. By making an appointment at your local cosmetic center Jacksonville FL patients like you can find out that the surgery itself is not so scary and in fact quite commonplace today.

When you consult with your surgeon at the cosmetic center Jacksonville FL patients like you can find out why this type of surgery is done and if it will produce the results you are seeking. One of the most common reasons doctors perform eyelid surgery is to improve the shape and appearance of the eyelids. People with droopy eyelids or lids that obstruct their vision may need to go through with the operation to improve their line of sight.

People also undergo the surgery simply to improve their facial appearances. They may not like how aging has impacted the appearance and shape of their eyelids. In some cases, aging can cause excess fat to deposit itself under or on the lids of the eyes.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to undergo the eyelid surgery, you may wonder how it is performed and what you can expect for the recovery period. As you can find out online, the surgery is most often performed under local or general anesthesia. You will not feel the incisions being made, and you should not have much discomfort after the surgery.

Your eyelids might feel itchy, however, which is normal and indicates that your skin is healing itself. You can keep your eyelids comfortable by using cold patches on them and avoiding contact with direct sunlight.