Medications and a Healthy Lifestyle to Treat Colitis in Jacksonville

Feb 10, 24 Medications and a Healthy Lifestyle to Treat Colitis in Jacksonville

Living with colitis can be challenging because it can lead to distressing signs and symptoms, but understanding your available treatment options is essential to managing your condition effectively. It is important to note that while the signs and symptoms of colitis can wax and wane, you should never stop your treatment unless directed to do so by your gastroenterologist, even if you are asymptomatic. Here are some treatment options your doctor may recommend to manage your colitis and overall health.

Medication Management for Colitis

When it comes to treatment for colitis in Jacksonville, prescription medications play an important role in minimizing your symptoms and decreasing inflammation. Certain anti-inflammatory drugs known as aminosalicylates are often prescribed to colitis patients to help diminish inflammation in the colon. Other medications, such as immunosuppressant drugs, may also be recommended by your gastroenterologist to modulate your immune system’s response to certain triggers and prevent it from damaging your gastrointestinal tract. Your physician may also prescribe a short-term course of corticosteroids to help manage your symptoms during colitis flares.

Lifestyle and Dietary Modifications

In addition to medication, your treatment for colitis in Jacksonville may include lifestyle and dietary modifications. Consuming a well-balanced healthy diet that includes easy-to-digest foods can help decrease your colitis symptoms while supporting your overall health. Probiotics, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, and eating high-fiber foods can also help manage your symptoms. Getting daily exercise, managing your stress levels, and sleeping well can also have a positive effect on your colitis symptoms.

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