Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet, IL for Chronic and Acute Symptoms

Pain from a compressed nerve in the foot can be unbearable. Neuroma is a foot condition that strains a nerve after trauma or pressure. It is when the nerve gets swollen from within. This can cause permanent nerve damage if the patient does not undergo Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL.

A neuroma most often occurs in the ball of the foot and may happen when the lengthy bones behind the toes move abnormally. These bones are called metatarsals, and there is a tiny nerve that stretches through the spaces between them. That nerve gets pinched somehow to cause a neuroma. When the swelling gets worse, there may be a popping sensation while walking.

The primary goal of treating neuroma is to stop the nerve from being pinched or disturbed and to relieve any pressure. Injuries that cause a neuroma are usually the result of a laceration or puncture wound of the foot. A doctor will diagnose neuroma by learning what the patient’s symptoms are and a comprehensive exam.

Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL are effective at relieving pain and pressure. Anti-inflammatory drugs are known to significantly palliate pain. Cortisone injections provide long-term relief. Orthotic shoes reposition and support the foot to take pressure off the nerve. Chemical destruction of the nerve is a form Neuropathic Pain Treatments in Joliet IL that may cure the condition. It is done with a cycle of injections that contain ethanol. Ethanol easily absorbs into nerve cells. This reduces nerve compression without destroying the nerve. Visit website for more information.

A neuroma caused by diabetes can possibly be cured if the symptoms of diabetes is controlled. It may not be as complicated to manage diabetes-induced neuroma because managing diabetes may cure the foot problem. In the event that all conservative treatments do not work for severe pain, an implantable device may be the answer. Implantable devices manage pain by electrical nerve stimulation. Electrical stimulation creates a barrier between pain signals and the pathway it takes to the brain. Pain receptors travel to the central nervous system to let the body know it is in pain. This process is halted just for the targeted area when a pain-blocking device is implanted. Make an appointment with Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates in Joliet IL to start a pain free life.