Not all Therapists are Created Equally

by | May 15, 2013 | Massage Therapy

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In any business, there are those with whom you get along with over others. You may like their style of doing business, their overall attitude, their personality, or any number of things. In the service industry, we tend to gravitate towards those we like and with whom we click. It can be for any type of service but once we find that one person, we choose them over the competition. This is true for massage therapists in Peabody, MA.

If you have never had a massage, you may be a bit nervous for your first one. The good thing about professional massage therapists in Peabody, MA is they are trained to relax you. They are used to the idea that some people may be nervous or not know what to expect and they will walk you through the process until you’re comfortable and relaxed. You are usually advised on what clothing to remove and if you are uncomfortable with that, communicate with your therapist to let them know and they will put you at ease. The goal of a massage is to relax, not cause more stress for you.

Properly trained massage therapists in Peabody, MA will be able to talk you through the massage to ensure you are comfortable with where their hands are placed and how they are performing the massage. You can choose to talk with them or you can choose to just be quiet. Once you know the therapist and if you enjoyed their work, you will feel more comfortable making another appointment for their services. It can be beneficial to create a professional relationship with a massage therapist as they will get to know you, your preferences, and your normal levels of pain and stress. If the levels are higher on a particular day for a reason, they will notice. For example, if you worked out hard during the week and have tight muscles, they will recognize that. In the same case if you pulled a muscle and are unusually sore or tight, they will realize that you are not in need of just a regular massage but can recommend a deep tissue one. Most people have service providers they prefer such as a hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, and even a mechanic and a massage therapist is the same way.

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