Occupational Therapy in Philadelphia, PA Allows Patients to Regain Their Work Skills

If you have been injured or suffered a sprain or strain at work, you know that this kind of injury can be debilitating. This type of health concern calls for the expertise of a chiropractor or a facility that offers services in chiropractic care, occupational therapy, or pain management. You just need to make sure that the site is close to you so that you can recover more easily.

Finding a Place That Offers Therapeutic Assistance

A rehabilitation facility of this caliber should offer the kind of occupational therapy program with treatments that cover lifting, carrying, shoveling, pushing, or pulling. One of the sites that offers this type of assistance nearby for Philadelphia residents is Weinerman Pain & Wellness. If you have been injured at work, this is one of the places to go in this area.

Focus on a Site That Emphasizes Pain and Wellness Therapies

If you live in Philadelphia and are wondering to yourself, “What program in occupational therapy in Philadelphia, PA is around me?”, review the offerings at a facility that offers pain and wellness treatments.

For example, an occupational therapy program helps patients regain their mobility in daily activities by offering some innovative treatment approaches. For instance, strength training is emphasized that enables a patient to restore his or her ability to lift or carry objects. Supervised use of a lift and place rack station makes this possible. Moving weighted boxes properly assists patients in pushing and pulling activities while a shovel and lever station that features a sandbox is used to regain the momentum to shovel.

Experience Better Physical Health

By taking advantage of this type of therapy, you can realize better physical health. Just ask, “What is near me in Philadelphia that will help me overcome my injury?” A rehabilitative facility that offers complete wellness services will help you progress toward a total recovery.