Organic Solutions For Allergy Treatments in Phoenix, AZ

When people purchase a new vehicle or have new carpeting laid in their homes, there is an odor commonly referred to as “the new smell”. What many do not realize is this odor is the chemical outgassing that comes from the manufactured materials. Chemicals like Benzene and Toluene are released as the fibers wear down from walking or sitting on them. Many of the items that people purchase unless certified 100% organic will contain some amounts of these chemicals. Suffering an allergic reaction to these chemicals is common and may require an Allergy Treatment Phoenix AZ.Often people do not associate their allergies to these items. Over time, the reactions can get worse as the backing and the fibers of the carpet wear down. The height of carpet outgassing is within 24-72 hours of installation, but the chemicals they release are continuous just in smaller amounts. However, they can still affect those who have a sensitivity to them and cause difficulty in breathing.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a report in 1994, confirming that while the chemicals are present, they do not pose a risk to people as long as the area has proper ventilation. Nevertheless, these chemicals are still associated with increased risks of lung cancer and other illnesses. One method of sealing the fibers and the backing of carpeting to keep them from outgassing is to perform an Allergy Treatment In Phoenix AZ. This two-step process uses non-toxic sealants that adhere to the fibers and prevent them from disintegrating. The first sealant is applied to wet carpeting or other fabric, so they bond with the chemicals keeping them from becoming airborne. The next sealant is applied when the fabric has dried to form a barrier on the loose fibers. The process takes two days and is safe for people and pets, as the solutions are all organic. Depending on how long the carpet is in the home the process may have to be repeated to ensure there is no further outgassing. High traffic areas like hallways and stairs may require frequent treatments.

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