Pediatric Foot Doctors in New Jersey

You want your kids to be healthy from head to toe. Kids should be able to run around barefoot, and should never experience pain in their feet. Taking your kids to a pediatric foot doctor is a great way to ensure that their feet are healthy, and to prevent problems from occurring in the future. As a New Jersey mom who once struggled to keep food on the table, I know what it is like to make your kids wear shoes that are either too big or too small because you can’t afford new ones. Take it from me—the simple investments you make now in your child’s foot health can prevent you from having large medical bills later on. If your child has foot pain, he or she might start walking differently and that could cause back problems and all sorts of pain as their growing bodies adjust to their condition. If you see a pediatric foot doctor sooner rather than later, you can learn about proper foot care for your children and they will also acquire good habits now too.

Some foot problems in kids are congenital, too, and you might need to ask a pediatric foot doctor about what your children may be at risk for in terms of foot health. One of my children had developed scoliosis early in life, and her primary care physician suggested that in addition to encouraging her to wear a brace, which my daughter did not want to do, she could wear a special type of foot pad in her shoe that could correct for the slight asymmetry and curvature in her spine. Because the small adjustment in her shoe was less noticeable and more innocuous than the brace, my daughter agreed. Thanks to Kaplan Podiatry in New Jersey, my favorite pediatric foot doctors, my daughter is now a track star in her high school.