Physicians Can Find Solutions to Make Coding EM Visits Easier

Jun 28, 19 Physicians Can Find Solutions to Make Coding EM Visits Easier

Physicians worked their way through medical school because they dreamed of healing people who are sick and saving lives. Doctors are natural people-loving individuals, where caring for patients is a source of endless satisfaction in their jobs.

Today, doctors must deal with the realities of a healthcare system that has become enormously bureaucratic and loaded down with record keeping that seems to escalate every year. The solution to handling this is powerful software systems that can swiftly and accurately process complex data across an array of functions.

This means that physicians have been required to embrace software data technology and learn to use it well. This involves daily use of something called evaluation and management (E/M) service applications. A key aspect of this for doctors is to adopt an evaluation and management coding tool that will not get in the way of caring for patients.

How to Streamline the Process

Finding the right app can make the daily job of a physician far easier. It can also make sure he or she is getting paid properly for the services he or she delivers. According to a study published in ModernMedicine Network, a large number of doctors are having great difficulty choosing the correct CPT code (Current Procedural Terminology) to document each E/M visit.

Experts have narrowed down this difficulty to two basic causes. The first is not understanding how coding systems for E/M work. The second is incorrectly documenting to support their code choice. The result, according to the American Academy of Professional Coders, is that doctors are losing an average of $64,000 in revenue.

Seek Professional Guidance

This widespread situation cries out for an evaluation and management coding tool that is easy and transparent for doctors to use. Professional software providers can help. These pros are a tremendous resource to help physicians navigate the daily necessity of performing accurate E/M functions.

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