Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Helps Boost the Body’s Natural Healing Processes

by | May 7, 2020 | Pain Management

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Recently, you may have heard of a relatively new medical procedure known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in St Louis, MO. However, calling this therapy new isn’t exactly accurate as it has been utilized to successfully treat areas of chronic pain and injuries since the 1990’s. In a nutshell Platelet Rick Plasma or PRP Therapy is a patient’s own plasma that has been enriched with concentrated amounts of platelets that are naturally found in the blood. The PRP therapy is then injected into damaged tissue to boost the body’s natural healing process and reduce instances of pain. This style of treatment has proven helpful to those who suffer from arthritis in its various forms, athletic injuries, hair loss, chronic pain, or injuries incurred from trauma or high impacts.

Chronic Pain Negatively Affects Many Areas of Your Life

One of the biggest advantages to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in St Louis, MO, is in its ability to offer relief to painful ailments that have been previously unresponsive to treatment. Chronic pain sufferers know that it’s more than simply experiencing constant pain in various areas of the body. When you experience extreme amounts of constant pain it begins to take its toll on many other areas of your life including creating negative impacts on your personality, relationships, sleeping patterns, and how you spend your time. Not to mention the effects that result from regular use of pain medications that only manage to take the edge off but never actually offer any real relief.

Locating PRP Therapy Facilities Near You

If you or someone you know has suffered from chronic pain due to a physical ailment or injury maybe it is time to consider enlisting the help of medical professionals who are experts in PRP therapies. Medical facilities like that of Katalyst Pain Management and Restorative Treatment Center offer Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in St Louis, MO, and can help you regain your quality of life by helping you better manage or even eliminate your chronic pain. Contact their offices today or visit their website at  to schedule a consultation for a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.

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