Provide Your Elderly Loved One With The Professional Memory Care They Need

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Assisted Living

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Watching your elderly loved one suffer from memory loss is never easy for anyone. There comes a time when you need the assistance of elder care services in Decatur, GA. You can provide your elderly loved one with the professional memory care they need by looking into an assisted living community.

Professional Training

A community that specializes in memory care is full of certified nursing assistants, and they have received extensive training on how to take care of residents suffering from dementia. They are patient, compassionate and attentive to the needs of their residents. You can rest assured that they are ready to assist your loved one around the clock.

Memory Care Programs

The staff works with your family to develop a memory care program that works for your loved one. Their goal is to help evoke memories through individual life stations, but they also help you and your loved one cope with their memory loss. Your loved one also works with an occupational, physical or speech therapist as needed.

Daily Assistance

Does your loved one need help with certain tasks? You can take comfort in knowing the staff is going to tend to their needs. The services may include laundry, housekeeping and transportation. The staff is on call around the clock to take care of your loved one day or night.

If you are looking for reliable elder care services in Decatur, GA, look no further than The Madeline of Decatur. Learn more about this assisted living community by visiting the website.

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