Receiving a Hearing Evaluation By Hearing Doctors in Grand Rapids

Hearing Doctors in Grand Rapids provide you with a practical evaluation and treatments for potential hearing loss. These doctors conduct a complete examination of your ears to determine if any underlying factors contribute to your hearing loss, such as drainage. They decide which treatments are most effective in correcting and improving your hearing. To discuss treatment options that could correct these conditions, call AVA Hearing Center today and schedule a consultation.

Evaluating Hearing Loss

Frequently, workers exposed to high-volume noise due to their work environment may sustain hearing loss due to the noise frequency. This exposure is a common occurrence in mills and manufacturing plants in which heavy machinery is consistently running. Knowing is half the battle. It is paramount for you to visit an audiologist or hearing doctor to receive a complete evaluation and determine whether you have sustained a hearing loss.

Local Hearing Doctor

AVA Hearing Center provides you with effective treatments to correct hearing loss. These procedures and treatments offer you beneficial options to correct abnormalities and to improve hearing. If the hearing doctor determines that the hearing loss is due to improper drainage of ear wax and other debris, they may suggest surgery in which tubes are placed within the ears. If you are experiencing hearing loss due to frequent noise exposure, the doctor will consider hearing aids to improve your hearing. In this case, custom earplugs may also be beneficial to prevent further deterioration.


Hearing Doctors in Grand Rapids assist you in determining whether you have sustained a hearing loss due to work conditions or other factors. Individuals exposed to frequent noise within mills and other work areas are more likely to acquire hearing loss due to the high frequency of this noise. Other conditions such as improper drainage can attribute to complications that will affect your hearing. Examination by a qualified hearing doctor will determine the best steps for the restoration of your hearing.