Reducing Medical Liabilities with a Pop Off Suture Kit from Hayward

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Medical Center

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As a surgeon, your first priority is on taking the best care of your patients. However, you also have a legal obligation to facilitate their healing and minimize any risks for the healthcare team that assists you.

To facilitate a safer work environment, you can use medical resources that are designed to lower your liability as a surgeon. You can invest in a pop-off suture kit that you can use on each patient that you treat.

Eliminating Foreign Object Retention

When you operate on a patient, you need to make sure that there are no foreign objects retained in the area where you operated. If you leave behind foreign objects like needles or other sharps, you could expose yourself to expensive lawsuits and the potential to losing your medical license.

With a suture kit, you can eliminate the risk of leaving behind these objects in a patient. You can close up the sutures and know that the operated-on area is clean and should heal as expected.

Protecting Other Healthcare Workers

As the surgeon in charge of the OR, you also are responsible for protecting other medical pros who assist you. You must ensure that they do not get stuck and exposed to potential diseases. You can use these kits to minimize the risk of needle sticks in the operating room.

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