Relax Naturally with Vagus Nerve Stimulation Music that Truly Works

by | May 14, 2020 | Health

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Many people suffer from anxiety, stress and other emotional problems that can also adversely impact other parts of life. Some have tried various promoted relaxation therapies such as yoga, guided meditation or hot saunas to no avail. Now individuals can try a new treatment that helps people relax naturally by utilizing vagus nerve stimulation music that truly works according to many satisfied participants.

What Is the Vagus Nerve & How Does It Relate to Well-Being?

Doctors have known for a long time that the vagus nerve can be stimulated to achieve a reduction in heart rate, slow breathing and calm anxiety. Most people have heard of over stimulation of the vagus nerve that can dramatically and quickly drop blood pressure too low and slow heart rate too and even cause fainting. This important nerve runs from the brain, through the face including the thorax and continues to the abdomen.

Can a Person Stimulate Their Vagus Nerve to Lower Stress Response?

Yes, doctors treat some forms of drug resistant epileptic seizures by directly stimulating this nerve. This works in approximately 50 percent of the patients. There is a growing re-interest in stimulating a vagus nerve response in the treatment of certain medical conditions and for anxiety related disorders.

Convenient, Portable & Compact Vagus Nerve Stimulation Music

Humming and singing both stimulate the vagus nerve. Many are finding stress relief using an app that syncs to your favorite music. Individuals customize their waveform and sensation sessions.


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