Relieving Neck Pain in Manhattan, Kansas

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Chiropractic

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Neck pain has become more common as people spend hours a day looking down at tablets and smartphones or staring at computer screens. Of course, these are not the only causes of neck pain. Other reasons people experience this discomfort are due to an accident or injury, stress, or even illness like an infection or arthritis. The concern is not always about how it happened, but how to make it go away.

There are many ways to treat Neck Pain Manhattan KS, patients try. Over the counter pain medications, applying heat or ice to the area, or purchasing new bed pillows are common methods. Other steps to consider include changing the level of your monitor when working on the computer, avoiding your phone or tablet, or at least reducing the length of time you are using them. Learning some stretching techniques can also help to reduce the muscle strain on your neck.

If none of these answers seems to bring any relief, it is probably time to get some professional assistance. The Neck Pain Manhattan KS, residents, suffer from is usually pretty easy to explain but, if no clear explanation exists, most medical professionals will want to take x-rays and perform some testing to narrow down the cause, creating a treatment plan based on the diagnosis.

There are many medical treatments for neck pain, depending on the cause. This help could come from antibiotics or pain relief medication, manual manipulation, acupuncture or massage. Many times, the solution is not one single thing, but a combination of treatments that are used together to get the best and fastest result possible. The Center For Manual Medicine does focus the majority of their care on chiropractic procedures, but they are always willing to include other treatment methods as well when it is deemed necessary.

There really is no reason to suffer from neck pain and the headaches, loss of sleep, and stiff shoulders that often accompany them. If you have made changes to your routine and tried numerous treatments, but are still in pain, arrange a consultation today to see what other options may be available to you. Click here for more details.

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