Reproductive Medicine for Your Needs

May 02, 19 Reproductive Medicine for Your Needs

If you have been unable to conceive a child without medical intervention, you may be wondering about the IVF cost Jacksonville FL. IVF is covered by many health insurance plans, so you may be surprised to discover that the cost of this type of reproductive medicine is less than what you had expected. Reproductive medicine technology has improved a lot over the years, and IVF is more efficient and effective than it was a generation ago. These improvements have allowed IVF to become a standard of treatment for infertility, and most health insurance plans cover the treatment and physician fees.

The cost of IVF treatments is typically covered by health insurance. If you have a high-deductible plan, it will apply toward your medical costs. You can use an FSA or an HSA in order to pay for your IVF treatments, physician fees and prescriptions. This can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

You may also want to compare the cost of IVF to other types of treatments for infertility or other ways of conceiving a biological child. For example, surrogacy is more expensive than IVF, and it is also legally complicated. IVF has been used by our physicians to successfully achieve pregnancy in thousands of couples. When you have no greater desire than to become a parent, we look forward to helping you with this highly effective treatment.

When you want to know more about IVF cost Jacksonville FL, contact us at the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine. We can set up an appointment to come in and meet with us. During your consultation, we will examine your health insurance benefits and explain what your out-of-pocket costs will be for IVF treatments. You may also learn more about our reproductive medicine services and physicians by visiting us online at any time.