Safe abortion practices with The Women’s Center

by | Feb 28, 2013 | Health

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The Women’s Center is one of the best places to get assistance when it comes to safe abortion choices and pregnancy alternatives. You don’t have to spend much when undergoing this process, but it requires some amount of patience. There are two main categories of abortion which are the either induced or impulsive. Those that happen naturally without surgical assistance are known as spontaneous, whereas induced abortion is exactly the opposite and medical processes are involved.

The steps involved in abortion

During termination, experts from The Women’s Center would remove the developing embryo. Remember that abortion should not be forced, but is an independent decision agreed upon by the lady. Statistics show that roughly 40% of pregnant ladies choose to terminate their birth process; this is mainly because of unforeseen circumstances such as health hazard or bad timing.

Furthermore, induced abortion can also be categorized into two subgroups which are either elective or therapeutic. Prior to undergoing any abortion process, you need to seek some counseling from a qualified psychologist. The process can be traumatic especially if it’s the woman’s first time; as such proper mental preparation would be required.

This procedure can also be classified based on the time it’s being administered. According to The Women’s Center, early abortion occurs around 9 weeks from impregnation. It involves the application of two unique pills. One is for curbing production of hormones, while the other is used to break down the woman’s womb lining thus expelling the developing fetus.

Types of fetal abortion

A suction tube owned by The Women’s Center may also be used for pregnancies 7 to 15 wks old. This process involves pulling out the young baby through a compressed air system; moreover it takes around 10 mins for this procedure to be completed.

Another common abortion practice at The Women’s Center is surgical dilation and termination, which often occurs 15 weeks after implantation. First, the woman’s cervix would be dilated then forceps inserted to take out the embryo. When abortion happens between 19 to 24 weeks then it’s known as late or delayed. This intervention may be achieved by a double-stage surgical process, whereby the fetus heartbeat is abruptly stopped. The cervix would then be dilated and fetus slowly pulled down using DMP procedure.

The Women’s Center may also apply injection procedures, whereby some liquid drugs are injected into the developing baby with an aim of rendering it lifeless. Abortion should only be considered when there’s sufficient reason to do so, never perform it late since chances are that the baby may become too big for the process to commence smoothly.

The Women’s Center promises professional intervention to those who are distraught of their pregnancy. All procedures are done under clean environments for the lady’s safety. Moreover, The Women’s Center surgical tools are regularly sterilized to prevent contamination and spread of contagious diseases through blood transfusion. Abortion is a serious surgical process, those who administer it should be well trained and certified by relevant health authorities.

The Women’s Center provides options for women facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies in Chicago.

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