Seek Treatment from Chiropractors in Topeka, KS for Musculoskeletal Disorders

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Chiropractic

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If you have a chronic musculoskeletal disorder, or MSD, there are non-surgical treatment options to consider. One of these options is to use chiropractic care and manual manipulation to provide relief from pain and improve your quality of life. Chiropractic care can be used to treat most MSDs using these methods.

Finding the Problem

To properly treat a condition with chiropractic care, the problem has to be diagnosed. Usually, a MRI will be done to find out where the problem originates, and a chiropractor will form a treatment plan to reduce your pain, strengthen your muscles, and help you improve your balance or your range of motion. You can find out more about how disorders are treated without surgery using techniques like chiropractic care at

Spinal Manipulation Treatments

Most chiropractors in Topeka, KS believe nerve irritation is the most common reason for pain located throughout the body. The irritation can be caused when a deformity or disease, such as arthritis, causes a misalignment of the vertebra of the spine and pinches a nerve. By using manual manipulation, a chiropractor can reduce pain by freeing the compressed nerve.

Prescribing Exercise

The conditions treated by chiropractors are seldom resolved in one or two sessions, so you will need to see your chiropractor for additional treatments. Along with spinal manipulation, they can recommend exercises for you to do at home to help treat your condition. These exercises will help strengthen your body and retain proper spinal position, to prevent the vertebra or other bones from slipping out of place again.

Some chiropractors also evaluate their patients’ diets to see how they can help them improve their health. This may involve the patient losing weight so their condition improves and they can have increased mobility. If you have chronic issues with musculoskeletal pain, find out if a chiropractor can help you.

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