Short-Term Healthcare to Improve Your Health Before Going Home

Jul 16, 19 Short-Term Healthcare to Improve Your Health Before Going Home

Sometimes, you might need additional medical care after an injury or illness that isn’t provided at home. Short-term rehab in Rockland County, NY, can provide everything from assistance with getting dressed each day to physical therapy that you might need. Before you choose a rehab facility, make sure it accepts the insurance that you have and that the assistance you need will be provided by the staff.


There isn’t a set list of things that you’ll do while at short-term rehab in Rockland County, NY. The services that are provided will often be based on the orders given to the facility by the doctor and the level of care that you need. Some residents might be bedbound and need more assistance, while you might be there long enough to gain strength in your body so that you can go back home. You’ll usually interact with the nurses, assistants, therapists, and some of the residents who are there each day. This type of facility is a bit different than a hospital because you can wear any clothes that you want and move around a bit more freely. You’ll also be able to have food brought in from family members if you’d like. In addition, there are activities for the residents to enjoy each day, such as crafts or games.

Length of Stay

You won’t really know how long you’ll need to stay in a short-term facility until you begin the recovery process. For many residents in this situation, they leave after about six weeks. However, it’s important to stay as long as you need to so that your health can improve in order for you to care for yourself at home. Sometimes, you might need to go to a skilled nursing facility if it seems as though you could need additional care.

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