Suboxone Clinic in Tinley Park, IL: For Help Overcoming Opioid Addiction

Aug 26, 21 Suboxone Clinic in Tinley Park, IL: For Help Overcoming Opioid Addiction

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, some 2 million people in America abuse opioids. And this includes both prescription-based opioids, such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Norco, and Fentanyl, and street-level variants, namely heroin. The same study also revealed that an estimated 90 Americans die each day due to an opioid overdose. Indeed, opioid addiction is a chronic and pervasive problem in the U.S. For this reason, more and more rehab facilities across the country are offering treatment programs aimed squarely at helping individuals overcome opioid addiction. And Brightside Clinic, a suboxone clinic in Tinley Park, IL, is no exception in this regard.

Since opening its doors in 2015, the physicians and addiction experts at Brightside Clinic have proudly helped over 2,000 individuals break the cycle of opioid addiction. Today, the facility continues to provide addiction recovery services to those in Tinley and the surrounding areas, touting medically-assisted treatment options and customizable programs as a way to motivate individuals to end their relationship with opioids once and for all. For those curious, part of their medically-assisted treatments include the use of Suboxone, which is a Schedule III narcotic that helps ease severe withdrawal symptoms that come with the abrupt cessation of opioids. As far as customizable programs, the facility offers various counseling modalities to help individuals move past the psychological aspects of their addiction.

In summary, opioid addiction is a serious problem for many people in this country, but it is also a problem that people can overcome with help. To learn more about breaking the cycle of opioid addiction, consider scheduling a consultation via our website today.