Substance Abuse Treatment in Centurion

Regardless of the addiction that an individual faces, substance abuse is a serious problem that should not go untreated. Untreated psychological disorders tend to cause these individuals to develop dependencies on alcohol, drugs, and other substances. While it is often used as an escape for some, it can be dangerous if it is not properly treated. There are individuals who face these conditions all over South Africa, including Centurion. If you know someone who needs substance abuse treatment in Centurion, then it you are in luck.

Seeking Help at the Right Time
People who become addicted to drugs and alcohol often times do not realize they have a problem. It is typically a family member or a friend that is aware of the signs before they are. If you notice that someone you love is not sleeping well at night, has blood shot eyes, and have depleting finances, these could be warning signs that they have a substance abuse problem.

Substance abuse problems often begin during a stressful time in a person’s life such as a death in the family, job loss, or another serious event. These are the times when people are at their most vulnerable and are more susceptible to being drawn in by an addiction. If you begin to see these warning signs it may be time to seek substance abuse treatment in Centurion, or a neighboring city. There is help available and it is not too late to seek treatment.

Treatment Center available 24/7
The Harmony Addictions Clinic provides various forms of substance abuse treatment and therapy and are currently serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Centurion. It is a non-profit organization that provides treatments for addiction and compulsive behaviors at rates that people can afford. They are 24/7 available and provide daily schedules for their patients that have been proven effective when it comes to beating down the door of addiction.

This clinic provides intervention as well as holistic approaches to helping individuals who need the help most of all. Some people may not believe they need help which is where the interventions unit comes into play.

The Treatment that is deserved
The Harmony Group provides professional education services as well as a well-trained team of social workers, counsellors, and occupational therapists that will help addicts find that road to success and help them get there. It will take time, but this group will help them get there.

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