Tapping into your Addictions with EFT

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Health

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If you have not had success with a Drug and Alcohol Treatment program but are not ready to give up, EFT can provide you with the assistance you need to succeed. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques use “tapping” to help cure you of emotional issues and physical addictions that are wracking your mind and body. This simple system is easy to master with the proper guidance and has helped countless people fight their own addictions and emotional challenges.

What is tapping?

EFT uses the same basis of ancient Eastern meridian energy theories on which acupuncture and Shiatsu are based.  Tapping works on similar essential meridian points in the body addressed by acupuncturists. These ancient treatments focus on removing blockages in the body that can keep energy from flowing freely. Once removed your mind and body is able to heal itself. Tapping focuses on applying repetitive pressure on the appropriate meridians based on your addiction or affliction in order to heal underlying emotional issues that are causing you pain both emotionally and physically.


Another self healing process includes using affirmations to clear the mind and use positive thinking techniques to allow one to overcome issues both emotionally and physically. EFT combines the meridian healing tapping action with soothing self affirming spoken words that embrace the issues and then free the mind and body of these issues. Common words used for an addiction might include “Even though I have an addiction to drugs I completely accept myself.” The combination of tapping on the meridians and voicing the issues that are keeping you from severing your addiction allow you to continuously focus on your ultimate goals.

The Result

When you undergo EFT you are effectively able to remove emotional blocks that are keeping you addicted to drugs and alcohol. This blockage is affecting your bioenergy system which means you cannot heal unless you can clear the block. Once the block is cleared you can restore your body and your mind as it will be put into perfect balance. A body that is balanced with proper energy flow can heal itself and help fight disease and mental unrest.

Once you undergo treatment with an EFT specialist you will learn how to use the technique on your own. When faced with the urge to give in to your addiction you can use tapping anywhere and at any time to stave off urges and overcome your addiction successfully.


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