The Basics of Injury Rehabilitation and Resources in Philadelphia

by | Sep 17, 2012 | Physical Therapy

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Rehabilitation is the process of healing and strengthening the body back to a state of normal functioning following a traumatic event. Whether you’ve experienced an injury sustained as the result of an accident, recently undergone surgery or have experienced a sudden loss in physical abilities as the result of an illness, you will most likely need to participate in rehabilitation of some kind following these events. Rehabilitation focuses on patient wellness through mediated strength training that progressively and moderately pushes a patient towards full-health and physical function over an established period of time. There are several components that are considered part of rehabilitation, and a number of professional physicians that can assist patients in reaching their full, physical potential—no matter what they are recovering from in the state of Philadelphia.

The role of Chiropractors in rehabilitation programs

The state of Philadelphia hosts a large number of licensed chiropractors, all of whom can play a vital role in a patient’s rehabilitation program and successful completion. Chiropractors specialize in the skeletal system and are trained in diagnosing and readjusting skeletal/joint related discomforts that are associated with other symptoms such as back pain, neck pain and even headaches. In most cases, chiropractors work alongside other physicians in rehabilitation programs and are able to refer patients on who may need more than simple readjustments to deal with pain and general discomfort as the result of an accident.


Based on ancient Chinese healing practices, acupuncture is use in rehabilitation programs as a way to alleviate pain, moderate addictions to pain killers or relieve general discomforts. There are three commonly used methods to acupuncture which include cupping, needle insertion on pressure points as well as electrical stimulation. Combined with chiropractic care and physical therapy, patients generally receive relief from pain and make significant steps towards total rehabilitation.

Physical therapy

In order to heal and regain strength, an individual who has experienced a physical trauma must work in steps towards healing through repetitive training exercises. Physical therapy focuses on diligent training maneuvers that patients perform consistently over time to rebuild muscle tone, strength and coordination. Used in combination with the therapies listed above, patients have a better chance of not only regaining strength, but healing overall more quickly than they would without participating in rehabilitation programs. The state of Philadelphia offers residents a variety of treatment programs, both individually aimed at one of the above-listed therapies, or combination programs that incorporate a variety of healing procedures.

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