The Benefits of a Home Health Agency in Philadelphia PA

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Health

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In Philadelphia, in-home health care is vital for seniors who have debilitating conditions. The seniors require extra assistance that some families cannot accommodate. The needs of the seniors are managed by a part-time or full-time nurse who visits the senior’s home. A local Home Health Agency in Philadelphia PA provides in-home nursing care for all seniors.

Managing a Hectic Schedule

Families face detrimental times when trying to manage both the care of their senior and a busy work schedule. Too often, the family cannot accommodate all the needs of the senior and find that they are exhausted and stressed. In-home nursing care can provide the help that families need to manage the healthcare of the seniors.

Offering Assistance for Daily Tasks

Nurses assist seniors who cannot manage daily tasks on their own. The staff assists with bathing, grooming, and dressing. The healthcare workers help seniors who are facing mobility issues who cannot manage the tasks by themselves. The services help seniors maintain their privacy and dignity.

Avoiding Unnecessary Accidents

Seniors who are disabled and left to their own devices could become injured. Avoidable accidents are managed by in-home nurses. Too often, the seniors could fall without a way to notify anyone that they need assistance. The circumstances could leave the senior in pain for several hours before anyone discovers them. By hiring an in-home nurse, the family avoids the accidents and prevents injuries.

Affordable Healthcare Options

In-home nursing care is covered by all major medical plans, temporary or long-term disability, and through some Social Security programs. The services are affordable and offer everything that a disabled senior will need throughout the day or night. The nurses can visit the home for a few hours or stay around the clock.

In Philadelphia, in-home health care is a helpful option for seniors who cannot take care of themselves. Instead of admitting the seniors into an assisted living facility, the family could hire a nurse to visit the home as needed. The agencies offer a nurse for the day or night according to the needs of the seniors. Families that need the help of a Home Health Agency in Philadelphia PA are encouraged to contact Angels On Call or Browse the website right now.

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