The Benefits Of HGH Injections

It is important to clarify when we are talking about the benefits of HGH injections, we are only referring to those provided by a licensed, experienced and highly trained medical professional.

Unfortunately, like so many other medical treatments, there are people providing these injections, and selling HGH itself, that are not licensed, trained or qualified to provide this type of treatment. It is essential for any potential user of HGH to select a provider for the injections who is a licensed medical professional with extensive experience in HGH therapy.

The Basics

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced in the body. It may also be known as somatropin or somatotropin, and it is found in higher levels with younger children, gradually reducing in the body as people age.

When there is a deficit of HGH in the body, children and adults can experience a range of different effects. In children can include limited growth and developed, as well as an increase in overall body fat and a slower than normal sexual maturity.

Very rarely sudden declines in HGH in the adult body can result in increased weight gain, decreased muscle mass, lower overall energy and decreased sex drive. It can also be associated with a higher risk of depression and, in some studies, challenges with learning and memory recall.

Therapeutic Treatment

Our medical staff, pioneers in the therapeutic use of HGH injections for children, teens and adults, can provide you with further information on the benefits of HGH for normal growth, increased development of muscle mass, and a decrease in body fat.

For adults with HIV/AIDS or with issues with tumors of the pituitary, HGH can be highly beneficial in building bone and muscles mass. It is also used for those with short bowel syndrome.

Besides therapeutic treatment, HGH injections are also used by many adults as an anti-aging option. The use of this treatment by a licensed doctor can allow your body to tap into the higher levels of the growth hormone.

This, in turn, can reverse the signs of aging seen in increased fatty tissue deposits, slower growth of lean muscle mass as well as a decrease in natural energy and sex drive. As these issues are often seen as the natural progression of aging, having HGH to slow down and even reverse this progression makes it in ideal choice for many of our clients.