The benefits of portable saunas

Not too long ago those people who enjoyed the benefits of having a sauna had to travel to a health club or spa to have it. That is no longer the case; there is a 1 person infrared sauna and various configurations of portable infrared sauna.

It is a well recognized fact that a sauna offers a number of health benefits. Among these benefits is stress relief, cleansing the system of toxins, improving the health of the skin and improved circulation. All of these benefits, plus the fact that you do not have to leave home are available when you have your own corner infrared sauna.

There are really two styles of portable saunas, one is truly portable and the other falls into the category because it can be taken apart and moved, albeit with a little bit of work. The first kind is what is called a 1 person infrared sauna. As it says; it’s designed for one person, it can be set up quickly as it’s not much more than a plastic box that plugs into the wall socket. As the heat source is infrared there is no need for plumbing or any source of water at all. The users head and arms are left outside the box as the sauna zips up and fits snug around the neck. As the users arms are free he or she is free to read, talk on the phone, watch TV etc. These are certainly things that cannot be done in a conventional sauna at the club.

The second type of portable infrared sauna is actually a unit which is pre-built. These types of saunas can be had that will accommodate one or several people and they can take the shape of a corner infrared sauna or free standing. Although these versions are referred to as portable, that description really has to be taken with a grain of salt. They are not portable in the sense that you can throw them in the car and take them on vacation, but they are portable inasmuch as in about 30 minutes they can be dismantled and moved. In a sense they are like a big piece of furniture, you can move the sauna just the same as you can move the dining table.

The portable saunas which are pre-built can be had with two, three or four panels. The two panel unit allows for corner installation, the three panel unit can be erected against a wall and of course the four panel unit can be free standing. These units are very similar to spa saunas, they normally have benches but they too are run from a wall socket.

The normal source of heat is FAR infrared. This heat source is nothing like wood or gas, it heats the body; it does not heat the enclosure. As the FAR infrared penetrates the body, the same benefits are had but without plumbing.