The Best Massage Miamisburg Has To Offer! Suprising Health Benefits For Everyone.

by | May 30, 2013 | Chiropractic

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Until recently, very little was known by mainstream medicine about the astounding health benefits of massage therapy. Once dismissed as ‘snake oil’, the mental and physiological benefits of a professional massage are now well documented in both Eastern and Western medicine. When searching for a Massage Miamisburg has several therapists to choose from; taking the time to review the benefits will help guide you to the best type for your needs.

We all know a massage is a pleasant experience, but did you know it’s emotionally good for you too? Recent studies have proven that massage reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, levels. This drop in negative hormones helps relax the client and lift their spirits, often followed by a healthy drop in blood pressure. Anxiety suffers also can obtain marked relief with regular massage therapy sessions. Massage also helps the brain produce delta waves, the ones produced during deep sleep cycles. For those who suffer from chronic pain illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, regular massage can help keep trigger points free of the crippling inflammation the conditions are known for. Regular care under the watchful eye of a professional masseuse can help increase range of motion as well as an increase in blood flow that is capable of boosting lymphatic drainage, helping cells release toxins. Therapeutic massage is also documented to bring those with chronic asthma relief, as it calms the body’s systems on a universal level, allowing for a more balanced interaction between organs. Several studies show there is an emotional aspect of all illnesses; a calm, focused patient is more responsive to treatments.

From a more physical standpoint, few things bring swifter pain relief then massage. Some who specialize in massage in Miamisburg and beyond have also begun seeing clients who have been sent for the immune system boosts that have been documented with regular massage sessions. During allergy season, homeopathic and allergy specialists may recommend massage for those suffering from tension headaches due to the shift in climate. Recently there have been studies that link this little-known boost to the body’s overall immune system to massage. With the proper procedure, even perfectly healthy people can reap the rewards of what was once seen as simply luxury.




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