The Chiropractic Approach to Back Pain: Sioux Falls SD

Back pain is a debilitating condition that will cause downtime from work and prohibit any physical recreation. For those who have busy schedules, the traditional approach of pain medication and bed rest for up to six weeks is not always feasible. Fortunately, chiropractic medicine for Back Pain Sioux Falls SD is an alternative that may relieve discomfort quickly and allow you to return to your busy lifestyle sooner.

The Chiropractor can Relieve Pain Faster

Your chiropractor will examine you and take a history and physical. He will also use X-rays and any previous MRIs or digital imaging you may have from your physician to diagnose your condition. As an alternative to waiting for the body to heal the soft tissue of the spine, the chiropractor uses spinal manipulation to re-align the vertebral column and decrease the painful spasms of the musculature. These techniques heal Back Pain Sioux Falls SD faster and may reduce the amount of pain medications you will need to manage your back discomfort.

Sudden or Chronic Back Pain Relief

Although chiropractic medicine is an effective therapy for chronic pain, those who suffer from acute back pain have found that this holistic approach to healing is far more helpful than the traditional approach. Acute pain is generally considered to result from trauma, such as lifting a heavy object or experiencing a fall, and symptoms last no longer than six weeks.

Your chiropractor may incorporate diet, specific back exercises in conjunction with manipulation techniques to heal your back pain faster and prevent a recurring incident. Back Pain Sioux Falls SD can also be treated in adjunct with your general practitioner and chiropractor for the best possible outcome.

The Holistic Approach to Back Pain Sioux Falls SD

Although your healthcare provider may prescribe bed rest and pain medications, back pain may take up to six weeks or longer to heal. Studies have shown that chiropractic techniques are very effective for all types of back pain and are a safe alternative to the standard prescription of immobility.

If you wish to return to your previous lifestyle sooner or reduce the pain medications you are presently taking, consider the advantages of chiropractic medicine and get back on your feet faster.