The Computer Cart Revolution in Healthcare

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Health & Fitness

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Medical computer carts and workstations have become the innovative new way for healthcare professionals to access patient information in real-time while not having to stop and leave the room for tasks such as writing prescriptions, preparing discharge orders, and doing research on medications.

Mobile computer carts in the medical field are also revolutionizing the way patient care is delivered. Mobile carts allow patients to interface with specialists and doctors in telehealth platforms, creating an efficient way to conduct patient care from any location.

Office tasks made easy

Before medical computer carts and workstations, healthcare providers often had to leave the patient’s room several times to complete various tasks. From checking medical records to data entry to printing prescriptions, and even distributing medications, doctors and nurses no longer have to go to a computer at a desk in the hall in order to complete these tasks.

Now providers can complete these tasks with the patient at their side, allowing for better patient confidentiality and safeguards against miscommunications or mistakes.

Mobile carts also allow professionals to move quickly around a floor or office without having to stop for supplies. Many medical carts provide space for supplies, including sharps containers and locked medication drawers.

Telehealth consultations

Mobile computer workstations are increasingly being utilized for remote patient consults. This is especially important if a specialist is not on staff at a facility, consultation from a specialist in that particular field is needed to take the next critical steps in that patient’s care. Telehealth consultations can also be utilized by doctors and nurses with a large patient load, as in hospitals, to streamline care and assess patient needs.

Telehealth also allows for lower costs in medical care, which is crucial in keeping medical bills and insurance premiums low. Long-term monitoring of patients is also a huge benefit of telehealth consultations.

The possibilities for improving patient care and keeping medical costs low are endless with telehealth consultation technologies. The best part is that these can be delivered with mobile computer carts and workstations.

Personalized medical care

Mobile computer carts enable healthcare professionals to spend more time with their patients. Providers can access information quickly and enter important notes that will personalize the care a patient receives on an ongoing basis.

Mobile workstations allow providers and patients to consult resources together, and to work towards achieving health goals while having as much information available in the room.

When medical providers and patients can communicate openly and utilize data and information in real-time, patients feel like they are receiving personalized medical care, tailored for their physical and emotional needs.

The more time a doctor or nurse can spend with a patient providing this critical care, the more confident the patient will feel that their concerns and goals are being heard.

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