The Different Types of Available Birth Services in Genesee County

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Healthcare

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Women have a lot of options for prenatal care and they may find themselves overwhelmed by all of the choices available. Some pregnant women consider utilizing the services of a midwife during pregnancy, but they may not be sure that they provide the right kind of services for their needs. Here are some different types of available birth services in Genesee County.

Natural Birth

It’s not uncommon for some women to not want to have any kind of medication during their labor. A midwife can help them with a natural birth. She can provide laboring mothers with different coping strategies that they can use to deal with the pain.

Home Birth

Many women want to have a home birth instead of a birth in the hospital. If they still want to ensure that they have someone available to provide them with basic medical care and help them deliver their baby, a midwife can provide this type of service. She also has the equipment needed for a water birth if the woman decides that she wants to deliver her baby this way.

Postpartum Care

Birth services don’t stop once a woman gives birth. Postpartum care is very important. A midwife will provide about six weeks of support for each woman after giving birth. She is available to answer questions about things like recovery or to provide breastfeeding support.

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