Three Compelling Benefits That Make Rf Ablasion In Norman A Wise Choice For Chronic Pain Relief

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Healthcare

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According to findings published by the American Center For Health Statistics, nearly 86 million people in the United States live with chronic pain. Unfortunately, more than half of these people reported that they felt they had little to no control over their pain, and most admitted that it affected their quality of life. The simple truth is that chronic pain can be debilitating, and those in need of a solution often use steroid injections and long-term medication to manage it. In some cases, a doctor may even recommend surgery.

However, it’s important for patients to know that there are alternative options out there. Radiofrequency ablasion (often shortened to Rf Ablasion) is a procedure that uses electric currents produced by radio waves to heat nerve tissue and block out pain signals. This procedure has been used for years to bring relief to desperate chronic pain patients. Here’s just a few of the reasons why radiofrequency ablasion has become so popular over the years:

  *      Alternative To Surgery: While surgery may be a viable solution for some, there’s no denying that it’s invasive and carries considerable risk. In addition, patients do have to be concerned about the downtime it requires for recovery. Fortunately, RF Ablasion Norman is much less invasive, which also makes it less risky than surgery.

  *      Effective Pain Relief: One of the worst things about having surgery is that there is no guarantee that it will actually work. However, it’s important for patients to know that radiofrequency ablasion has a very high success rate. In fact, more than 70 percent of patients get relief from their pain within a reasonable time frame.

  *      Long-Lasting Results: Medication and steroid injections are often effective at pain relief, but the relief only lasts for a short period of time. With radiofrequency ablasion, patients will be able to enjoy long-term relief. Instead of wearing off in a few hours or even a few weeks, patients who undergo RF Ablasion Norman can be pain-free for a year or more.

Radiofrequency ablasion provides patients with real, true, and lasting relief. Rather than a quick fix, it’s a procedure that helps a person over the long haul. For those who want to know more about the benefits, they can reap, get in touch with the caring professionals at Longevity Joint Spine Pain. Visit Website to discover additional information about how radiofrequency ablasion can help patients return to a higher quality of life.

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