Three Reasons to Test a Baby’s Hearing in Atlantic City, NJ

Hearing problems in young children aren’t uncommon, but they can be difficult to diagnose, especially with babies. There are some indications you should know that your child cannot hear, including non-verbal cues. Here are three signs your child may need to have their ears tested by a doctor:

Doesn’t Startle

Usually when babies hear a loud noise, they will startle and start to cry because it scares them. However, if there is a loud noise near them, such as a dropped dish or the dog barking, and they do not react, then you should have your baby’s ears examined. A test of their hearing in Atlantic City, NJ can get your child an early diagnosis and help for any problem causing the loss.

Isn’t Soothed by Sounds

Normally, infants will be soothed by soft sounds if they are crying or upset. When you rock your child, if they don’t calm down by hearing your voice softly talking or singing to them, then they may not be able to hear. It is important to have their hearing tested to find out why they are not soothed by the sound of your voice or do not respond to it.

Doesn’t Turn Towards Sounds

Whether it be someone calling their name, the squeak of a toy, or the sound of clapping, a baby will usually respond to sounds by turning towards them. If your baby doesn’t turn toward sounds, then they may not be able to hear them. An ear, nose, and throat doctor can examine your baby’s ears and test them. To make an appointment, go to visit website for contact information.

Finding out the cause of your child’s hearing loss can help them get the treatment they need to successfully navigate a hearing world. They can start learning sign language or be fitted for hearing aids.