Tips For Finding The Best Lasik Surgeon

Oct 12, 17 Tips For Finding The Best Lasik Surgeon

Laser surgery is becoming a very popular choice for people who have imperfect vision and would like to eliminate the need to wear glasses or contacts. It has an extremely high success rate, is one of the safest surgical procedures out there and causes relatively little to no discomfort afterward. A big reason for this is that the surgery uses such advanced technology to create a fully customized and personal treatment to exactly suit each person’s eyes. If you are interested in getting corrective laser surgery, then you need to make sure you have a good surgeon. Here is what you can expect from the best Lasik surgeon:

Before The Surgery

The best Lasik surgeon will be more than happy to give you a thorough and comprehensive initial consultation, at no cost whatsoever. After ensuring that this procedure is a good one for you, there will be a lot of examinations that will be made to your eyes. This way, the laser surgery will be customized exactly to the unique shape and size of your eyes, especially the cornea, which is the area the laser will be working on.

During Surgery

The Lasik surgical procedure will not take very long. The laser will remove tiny amounts of cells from certain places on the cornea, following a program that was designed specifically for the individual needs of your eyes. This is a painless surgery, although you may feel a scratchy or gritty sensation that lasts for a few days.

After Surgery

When you get home after Lasik surgery, you should lie down and take a nap so that your eyes can rest. In addition, you will need to refrain from wearing eye makeup and buy a new tube of mascara. You will notice a significant improvement in your vision right away and you will even be able to see better at night.