Train to Work in Beauty Salons in Hays

Apr 03, 14 Train to Work in Beauty Salons in Hays

There are jobs that people don’t like but must do in order to make ends meet, and then there are careers that are fun and rewarding. For thousands of people in the United States, one of these careers is hairdressing. This is a job that allows people to have constant interaction with others, do something that they are passionate about, and lets their creativity shine through. In order to have a career in hairdressing, one must have the proper training, which they can get at a cosmetology school. Here, they can study hairdressing, as well as nail care and esthetics. Upon graduation, they are prepared to work in salons in a variety of capacities.

In order to become a hairdresser, students must have a total of 1,500 training hours. Once they graduate from Hays Academy of Hair Design, they can work in beauty salons in Hays, KS. They are trained in a number of skills, including male and female haircuts, hair design and current trends, hair color, skin care, nail care, communication skills, and even business understanding. There is a lot more to beauty school than simply learning how to cut hair. This is a career path that requires dedication, a lot of creativity, and most of all, a passion for helping others look and feel their best.

Graduates of Hays are required to have completed the full 1,500 hours of training. This is easy to do in the twelve month program offered. They are also required to have a minimum grade of 80%, and a minimum grade of 75% on final examinations, both written and practical. As students are learning, they are also working, providing hair care and other services to actual customers. Services offered by students include haircuts, styling, perms, colors, nail care, skin care, and waxing.

No one is ever too old to change their career path, and cosmetology school is open to students who want to do something different. Both young and old can enjoy a variety of careers in the beauty industry, including professional stylist, nail technician, lash technician, skin care specialist, spa manager/owner, retail specialist, and many others. They are fully prepared to work in any beauty salons in Hays.