Try the New Cure for Herpes Simplex

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Healthcare Systems

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logoOral herpes is a contagious virus that affects the mouth, gums, or lips. Once you contract this virus it never goes away but lays dormant in the cells of your body. On occasion, the virus becomes active causing unsightly, painful blisters that break open and can be easily spread from the infected area to another area of your body.

The herpes virus is very easily transmitted from one person to another by sharing utensils, cups, razors, towels, kissing, and through sexual contact. Many adults pass the virus to their children from everyday daily activities. Once infected with the virus, many things like stress, sun, hormonal fluctuations, certain foods, sickness, and fever can activate the virus. Beginning symptoms of an outbreak include, itching and tingling on the lip area or in the mouth and you may experience flu like symptoms before the blisters appear. This virus is so easy to pass onto another person, because you are contagious before the blisters even appear and don’t know your virus is no longer laying dormant.

While there are numerous treatments for the herpes virus, today there is a herpes simplex cure. Rather than using topical ointments or pills that relieve symptoms after a flare up, eradict the virus from your cells forever. ResolveHerpes is a body cleanse, that you take for 50 days. This cleanse, kick starts your immune system into over drive enabling your body to rid your cells of HSV-1 and many other viruses. This cure for herpes simplex is a two part system, which consists of all natural substances including:

Potassium salts



Ammonium salts

Magnesium salts



Iodine Sodium salts

While taking this detox, you should avoid intimate contact with your partner and not kiss, eat, or drink after people even if you are not having a breakout. If you partner has HSV too, they should also do the detox. Although this is an all natural cure for herpes simplex, you may still experience some side effects such as rash, pimples, dizziness, runny nose, more frequent outbreaks of blisters, stomach cramps, flu like symptoms, bloating, or nausea.

ResolveHerpes gives you piece of mind that you will never pass the virus onto your loved ones. Stop worrying about when your next outbreak will be or if you may be infecting a loved one, and try the cure for herpes simplex.

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