Types of Senior Home Health Care that are Available to Elderly Individuals

Feb 22, 18 Types of Senior Home Health Care that are Available to Elderly Individuals

As people age, they require more care than they have in the past. They often require assistance with grooming, moving around, or reminders to take their medication. In some cases, seniors may need help in preparing meals, house cleaning, and transportation to appointments. It is unavoidable that eventually, an elderly person will need the services required to help them maintain a happy and healthy life. When this occurs, it can be challenging for the family to make the adjustments to ensure their loved one is receiving the care they need. Fortunately, there are various facilities and services available when an elderly person requires senior home health care in Long Island, NY.

Services Offered

  • At home care is available for elderly individuals that do not require 24-hour care but need assistance with completing daily tasks such as grooming, housekeeping or preparing meals.
  • Assisted living in a facility that allows the individual to live on their own with medical personnel on site to aid the elderly person if they require help.
  • Senior home health care in Long Island, NY is available for individuals that retain independent living that needs assistance with transportation to and from appointments, shopping, or paying bills.
  • Nursing home facilities provide more intensive care for individuals that dependent on help around the clock and require more than one person to help move them.

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