Understanding Laser Lipo

The newest form of cosmetic procedures to remove body fat has been highly effective and is sought after by many people. Laser Lipo is said to be equally as effective as traditional liposuction procedures but individuals can go on about their day after the procedure is completed without having to stay in the hospital. Of course, many people prefer this option to choosing traditional liposuction because the recovery from it is not as intense as it once was.

What Laser Lipo Is

With laser lipo, the lasers are actually utilized in order to break the fat up within the body before it is removed so it is actually not necessary for all of the suction like the traditional procedure. Many may not know that there are two different forms of laser lipo and they are external and internal.

1. External Laser Lipo – a pad or pen is used in this particular method in the required areas on the outside of the patient’s body

2. Internal Laser Lipo – a fiber optic probe may be used or a suction device, depending on the facility which is then inserted into the area in which the procedure will be performed

Overall Cost

When it comes to laser lipo, most insurance companies see it as a cosmetic procedure that is not necessary so it is difficult to get laser lipo covered by the insurance companies. The only time that it may possibly be covered is if it is done in conjunction to reconstructive surgery that is a required procedure for the patient. The overall cost of laser lipo will vary depending on the amount of body fat that needs to be removed and from what area of the body. The longer the procedure takes and the larger the area, the more expensive it will be.

Does Laser Lipo Work?

Many may have their doubts on whether or not laser lipo is effective. While ones initial appearance will be altered, the results may not necessarily be permanent. When it comes to an individual undergoing any cosmetic procedures, if they are unhealthy and do not properly care for themselves – the body will more than likely go back to its original form prior to the procedure, if not worse.

Weight loss accompanied by a proper diet and exercise is always suggested before undergoing any type of procedure. While laser lipo will definitely impress people and individuals will love their results, they are not going to last forever. To know more about Laser Lipo visit Body By Design Weight Loss Center website or follow them on Twitter.