Use Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis For Healthier Eating For A Lifetime

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Weight Loss

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One of the biggest downfalls to a restrictive diet is the issue with failure when used over a long period of time. In fact, most doctors and researchers agree that dieting, at least how most people define it, is not an effective long term weight loss and management option. What does work is getting into a healthy eating habit, which is why weight loss self-hypnosis is so important.

Diet Versus Lifestyle

People that have been on a diet, especially those that completely eliminate some foods or food groups, tend to have less success in losing weight long term when compared to people that simply learn to naturally make healthier food choices using strategies such as weight loss self-hypnosis. This makes sense if you consider that, over a long period of time, if you don’t change your thoughts about eating you will simply fall back into old patterns.

Those foods that were taboo on the diet, your mind starts to rationalize, are not a problem any longer. You have lost the weight, you tell yourself, so you have the right to indulge and have that treat. This is the mindset of a temporary dieter, not of someone that has a made a true, positive and insightful change for a real commitment to a healthier life.

Food as a Reward or a Comfort

In many cultures and families food is used as a reward, signals a special occasion, or is comfort after a bad day. Think of any holiday and you will find an associated high fat, high carb, high calorie food. Think of a special event such as a graduation, birthday or wedding and you will typically also associate foods and drinks with the event. Remember how many times an accomplishment was rewarded with an ice cream cone, a meal out, or an extra special sweet treat.

Now, think of what you turn to when you aren’t feeling good about yourself or you are dealing with stress. You probably are thinking of a favorite food item that brings you back to a positive time in your life. In fact, food processors and manufacturers market to the “comfort food” industry with high fat, carb and calorie options.

Changing Your Thoughts through Weight Loss Self-Hypnosis

Think now how positive it would be for your long term commitment to a healthier lifestyle if you no longer thought about food as a reward or a comfort, but rather as a healthy part of your life.

Weight loss self-hypnosis allows you to develop your own set of self-suggestions that will help you avoid those desires to eat unhealthy food options as a method of rewarding yourself or providing comfort. You can learn to create positive messages that will allow you to make better food choices, not because of an impossible to maintain eating plan, but because you truly desire to stay at your goal weight and stay healthier for life.

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