Using Ketamine Infusions to Help Relieve or Get Rid of Issues


Ketamine is a medication that was first developed in 1962 as an anesthetic. Since first hitting the medical market in 1970, the medication has grown to see other uses through specialized centers that deal with administering ketamine. Take into consideration these reasons why you need ketamine treatments in Kansas City.


Depression is a mood disorder that severely affects millions of people across the world. Those that are suffering from depression might go through many different methods of treatment before finding one that works for them. One method of treatment that has worked well for many is ketamine. With multiple clinical studies being done over the year, it’s been found the ketamine infusions have had up to an 80% success rate in treating those with major depression. Additionally, many people who’ve had depression bad enough to have constant suicidal thoughts have reported them going completely away after ketamine treatments. Consider trying ketamine if you’re someone struggling with depression.

Chronic Pain

If you’ve struggled with issues dealing with chronic pain before, you’ve likely sought out many different types of treatments to help relieve it or have it go away completely. Ketamine infusions are a type of treatment that has been starting to become more popular to help those with chronic pain. Whether you have fibromyalgia or CRPS, those that have taken studies dealing with ketamine have found that their symptoms get better for up to three months after each infusion. Today, more studies are conducted about different diseases and dosages that could make ketamine infusions more successful. Look into ketamine if you have issues with chronic pain.

Ketamine Custom Therapy

When you need ketamine treatments in Kansas City, you need to find a reputable place that can provide these treatments safely. There are several offices in the area that provide custom therapy treatments to meet your needs. You’ll be able to talk to skilled staff confidentially. You can rest assured you won’t be judged for whatever you’re trying to get treated for.