Walk-in Urgent Care Clinics Perform Sports, Camp and School Physicals

An emergency room is always the place to go if you feel you’re having a heart attack or stroke, been in an automobile accident or you’re suffering an allergic reaction to a bee sting or spider bite. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if you could walk in to a clinic and be seen by a staff of doctors and nurses when you’re sick with a horrible cold or flu? A place where you could take the children for their School Physicals without a lot of confusion. Patients don’t consider it fun when they’re ill and have to wait for hours in a physician’s office just to get treated. It’s also very frustrating when a patient’s time is taken for granted and many individuals are tired of it.

Times are changing and now there are urgent care clinics springing up that offer patients an immediate and convenient way to manage their health care. Of course, they’ll go back to their attending physician when his office is open, but on weekends and evenings when the office is closed, they can rely on the urgent care facility. One very important reason for visiting a clinic is money. An emergency room does charge much more for their services, so walking in to one of the clinics is a wonderful and more affordable alternative to the emergency room.

Where you’ll find information about all the various types of testing and procedures offered at the clinic. You’ll gain a better understanding of services they offer, such as immunizations, blood glucose checks, blood pressure screening, treatment for poison ivy, dog bites, colds and flu. They offer diagnostic testing, lab work, camp and sports physicals, School Physicals, treatment for asthma and other allergies. Many doctors have such a patient load that when patients go to the urgent care centers for treatments, it actually frees up time for the doctor.

On the website you’ll see promotions going on, such as flu shots for a lower cost, special costs for blood work and for various types of physicals patient” s need for work, school and camp. You’ll also see the phone number and address of a clinic that’s near to you. Being able to walk in to an urgent care clinic between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. takes a worry off the mind of a parents with small children.