What A Patient Should Expect During Lasik Surgery In Honolulu

Dec 06, 18 What A Patient Should Expect During Lasik Surgery In Honolulu

For some people, the idea of wearing glasses is a way to make a trendy statement, but for others, it is an annoying requirement they have to follow to have perfect vision. Though contact lenses are a viable solution, they are usually expensive and come with time-consuming daily maintenance requirements. Fortunately, those seeking to have perfect eyesight without the use of assistive devices have an option, and many are choosing to undergo Lasik Surgery in Honolulu.

Initial Eye Examination

As with most invasive surgical procedures, the physician operating must first ensure that a patient is healthy enough for the surgery. The doctor will look for the presence of infection or other vision-based disease and make sure that the moisture content of the eye is appropriate. If any issues are detected, then they must be treated before beginning the actual process of performing the LASIK procedure.

Surgery Preparation

On the day of the surgery, the medical team will perform a variety of treatments to get a patient ready. First, they will administer medication to help the patient relax, and they will then disinfect the skin surrounding the eyes. Next, they will insert a series of drops into the eyes, which are designed to help stave off the risk of infection and completely numb the area undergoing treatment, so the patient feels no discomfort during the actual surgery.

Corrective Procedure

Lasik Surgery in Honolulu involves reshaping the cornea, and to access it, the ophthalmologist must first cut away the lens of the eye and create a flap. Some doctors utilize a laser for this part of the procedure, as it decreases the overall recovery time. Once the cornea is exposed, they will either flatten it for those with nearsighted vision or make it steeper for patients with farsighted sight loss.

If the frustration of wearing glasses and contacts is overwhelming, it may be time to consider LASIK. The team at Hawaii Vision Clinic provide a vast array of vision services including LASIK eye restoration procedures. Visit their site to learn more or call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and experience perfect vision without breaking the bank.