What Are the Current Laws Concerning Surrogacy for Gay Couples These Days?

Oct 07, 19 What Are the Current Laws Concerning Surrogacy for Gay Couples These Days?

The subject of gay rights has been in the news for quite some time. Although individuals who identify as gay have gained some support and a few legal victories, there are still many people who believe that these individuals should not have these rights like being able to marry someone who is the same sex or having children if a couple is gay. More recently, surrogacy for gay couples has become a topic of conversation in many circles.

What Are the Laws on Gays Having Children?

Like some other situations where being gay might hinder your aspirations, such as making the military your career, there are some unspoken rules that some city, state and federal officials live by. One is the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in military circles. Today, many gay couples wonder what the current laws are about surrogacy for gay couples. The fact is that there are some conflicting schools of thought and actual legal laws that vary widely from state to state and even from one adoption or surrogacy agency to another.

Why Gay Couples Should Consider Surrogacy

There are ways around a couple who are the same sex having children of their own. One is for a gay women to become pregnant either through sex with a male or with semen from anonymous donors available through fertility clinics and some surrogacy agencies. More gay couples today would like their child to have the DNA from each of their same sex parents. This can be done through IVF or through surrogacy births in some cases.

Get the Facts on Surrogacy for Gays from the Right Source

It is always best to get the correct facts on surrogacy laws and gay couples. There are many surrogacy agencies that help gay couples.

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