What Happens at Your First Visit With an Ophthalmologist in Appleton, WI?

When it comes time for a person to see the Ophthalmologist in Appleton WI, it is helpful if they know what to expect. The first visit with an ophthalmologist is a comprehensive appointment that involves many types of diagnostic screenings. With this information, individuals will know what to expect during their first appointment so they will be fully prepared.

Ophthalmologists Help Keep Eyes Healthy

It is important a person is prepared for a rather long appointment during their first visit. With all of the testing that must be carried out, the appointment will typically last one to one and a half hours. The appointment may be slightly longer if a patient requires any specialized testing or they suffer from complex eye conditions.

Patients need to make sure they bring information related to their medical history and any medications they take. If the patient has been experiencing any eye problems, it is important this information is provided to the doctor.

There are several tests that will be performed throughout the appointment. These tests check different aspects of the eye, including the overall health and the ability to see up close and at a distance. These tests, when combined, give the eye doctor an accurate picture of the patient’s overall eye health and will inform the doctor if glasses or contact lenses are needed.

  • A visual acuity test will be performed to check the vision of the patient.
  • Refraction testing checks for the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • Testing will be carried out to measure eye muscle coordination.
  • The doctor will check the pupils and how they respond to light.
  • The patient’s peripheral vision will be checked.
  • The interior of the eye will be checked.
  • Intraocular pressure will be checked to ensure the patient does not suffer from glaucoma.

Call For an Appointment

Those who are in need of an appointment with an Ophthalmologist in Appleton WI are urged to call the office today. To learn more about the services that are available, Browse our website. With routine eye exams, individuals can rest assured their eye health will be protected and any problems dealt with quickly and efficiently.